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New Umbrella Organization

Power Connect will provide technical and regulatory support concerning the implementation of distributed energy resources in a competitive electricity market. Several high priority areas require technical research to address the current regulatory barriers facing the implementation of distributed energy resources in Canada. These include the need to study the cost-benefit of distributed energy resources integration into the electrical network, address urgent issues concerning net-metering, reverse-metering, time-of-day pricing to improve peak-shaving value, and standard integration procedures and contracts.


The grid integration of decentralized energy resources (DER) into the main electrical grid is currently changing the paradigm we used to live in, where electrical power was generated in large power plants, sent to the consumption areas through transmission lines, and delivered to the consumers through a passive distribution infrastructure.

While numerous benefits are associated with this change, such a transition also represents many challenges for all stakeholders (utilities, independent power producers, governments, regulators, manufacturers, housing industry).

There are three divisions under the umbrella of Power Connect:

1- MicroPower Connect
2- Net Metering
3- Advisory Council

Annual Program Review Meeting (presentations): Grid Integration of Decentralized Energy Resources, Varennes, Québec, September 27-28, 2005.

Presentations at the annual Program Review Meeting - Grid Integration of Decentralized Energy Resources

Ontario Government Introduces Energy Conservation Legislation

OEN Member News Bulletin:

The Ontario Government Introduced Energy Conservation Legislation; Energy Minister Cansfield Directs Ontario Power Authority to Develop Energy Conservation Plans. For full details, click here.

"OEN - Dedicated to providing networking opportunities in support of the business interests of the Energy Industry in Ontario".

Province approves 9 green energy projects
(Nov. 21, 2005. 02:45 pm from Canadian Press)

At least a thousand new wind turbines will soon dot Ontario's landscape after the province approved nine new renewable energy projects.

The move is part of the government's goal to increase the amount of green energy produced in the province by 2010.

Energy Minister Donna Cansfield says the eight wind projects and one hydro project will provide 975 megawatts of clean renewable energy - enough to power 250,000 homes.

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